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expert communications Insights for leaders and teams

1-1 Coaching

Persuasion is key to any leader's success. In only a few weeks of collaborative work, you can understand how persuasion really works and how to put those insights to work.

Skills Assesment

Persuasive communications depends on skills and techniques unfamiliar to most leaders. A quick 1-1 assessment can help you identify the areas of highest impact for you or your team.    

Team Coaching

All teams need to build support for their efforts with leaders, stakeholders of all kinds. Improving your team's persuasion skills is a direct investment you can make in their success. 

Pitch Review

Carlos has reviewed and refined pitches from startups, non-profits, consulting firms, arts organizations and government organizations. He will help refine and focus your message in even one conversation. 

Event Preparation

Carlos has prepared speakers all over the world for critical public and private presentations and speaking events. He can help you increase the impact and influence of your message.

Donor Messaging

The rules of persuasion were first developed through volunteer work with leaders of organizations that depend on major donor support. Carlos is intimately familiar with the unique challenges of donor messaging and persuasion.


"I have completed dozens of successful coaching projects with CEOs, founders, boards, educators, and communications leaders. I have prepared communicators for public and media events, helped build brand messages, designed elevator pitches, and taught the ideas in my book to advanced students. At all times, my goal is to enable my clients to put my research and concepts to work to solve their unique settings and to become more persuasive and influential communicators." — Carlos Alvarenga

CEO and Chairman

Humanitarian Aid Organization


“Working with Carlos has been the most transformative experience I've encountered. I looked forward to every session because Carlos took time to ensure that I had a firm understanding of the theory behind constructing an effective pitch and allowed me the space to practice what I had learned. The feedback he gave was phenomenal and it demonstrated his profound intellect as well as his passion for the work he does."

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