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The origin of this project was a years-long search for an easy way to stay current with the best academic business research. Rather than spend hours looking through business school websites, I wanted one site where we could read translations of great research with real-world business relevance. Unable to find such a resource, I decided to create it.

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The Rules of Persuasion

From Homer to Shakespeare, from Magritte to Rothko, from Bach to Rakim, The Rules of Persuasion uncovers insights and concepts, some of them secret and powerful, that will fundamentally alter how you think about persuasion. In the end, my goal is to help you understand how these insights can make you a thoughtful and persuasive communicator in almost any setting in which you may find yourself.



Conversations With Myself

This newsletter originally began as a companion to my new book on persuasion. That purpose changed on June 1, 2022, when I lost my eighteen-year old son in a bicycle accident. Since then, it is my personal journal on the road I must now follow. I will write as long as there is something meaningful (I hope) to say and will stop on the anniversary of Enzo's death. You are welcome to travel this road with me.

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The Long Eclipse

In the 1970s and 80s, Italy lived through an intensely brutal war to control the emerging heroin trade that plunged the nation into chaos and almost destroyed it. In the midst of this constant violence and death, Magistrate Paolo Borromeo risks everything to battle the unseen forces of organized crime tearing the nation apart. Inspired, and based on, the life of legendary Italian prosecutor Giovanni Falcone, The Long Eclipse tells the moving, and heroic, story of Borromeo, his wife Anna, and the men and women on both sides of this epic struggle for the soul of a nation. 

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Eight Below Zero

Eight Below Zero tells the story of the secret trials of an inner circle of eight ministers and generals after the death of the dictator they served for three decades. Set in an unnamed country, it is an examination of the allure of tyranny and the forces that corrupt those who give anything to hold and keep power.

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