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Persuasion is often seen as a double-edged sword, capable of both influence and manipulation. In this episode of our podcast, we grapple with the ethical dimensions of persuasive communication. It's fascinating to consider how the nuances of argument, emotion, and character shape our messages and actions. In the journey of aligning employees with a company's vision, understanding the true essence of persuasion is key. (April 9, 2024)


Carlos Alvarenga, author of The Rules of Persuasion,
discusses the importance of persuasion in effective communication. He explains that persuasion is a demonstration that something is true or appears to be true, and it can be achieved through the character of the speaker, the arguments presented, and the emotions evoked. Alvarenga emphasizes the need for
authenticity in persuasion and cautions against using fake emotions or sentimentality. He also highlights the importance of understanding the audience and tailoring the message to their needs and preferences. (April 4, 2024)


We’re excited to talk with Carlos Alvarenga, author of The Rules of Persuasion, How the World’s Greatest Communicators Convince, Inspire, Lead—and, Sometimes, Deceive. Carlos reveals how he translated Aristotle's principles of persuasion to modern media (e.g., movies and rap music) to make his advice more accessible. He also explores his definition of persuasion, how Donald Trump's presidential campaign created a powerful loyalty from his audience, and the concept of chemistry in communication. (Mar. 15, 2024)


Do you want to be a thoughtful, effective communicator? In his latest book, Carlos A Alvarenga illuminates insights from research and classical writings to outline The Rules of Persuasion. On today’s episode Carlos and Andrea discuss the chemistry between communicators and their audience that leads to people taking action on a message. They also explore differences between coercion and persuasion, and sentimentality and authentic emotion. (Mar. 5, 2024)


One of the most rewarding aspects of writing my new book is having the opportunity to connect with experts from various fields and exploring how its ideas can be applied to their work. Recently, I had the privilege of being a guest on Bradley Block, MD's podcast, the Physician's Guide to Doctoring. Our discussion centered around how improving persuasion skills can lead to better outcomes for both doctors and patients. (Mar. 2, 2024)


I recently sat down with Natasha Bazilevych on her "Speak With Power" podcast. We discussed how to avoid manipulative persuasion, how we can all become more persuasive, and why persuasion is so powerful when delivered through storytelling. You can listen to my discussion with Natasha at the link below. (Jan. 9, 2024)


In this episode, host CMA’s David Ciullo discusses with Carlos Alvarenga, Author of the new book , The Rules of Persuasion; How the World’s Greatest Communicators Convince, Inspire, Lead – and, Sometimes, Deceive exactly how persuasion works in all forms of human communication. Learn a clear and effective model you can use to put the elements and chemistry of persuasion to work for you in your personal and professional lives. (Dec. 2, 2023)


Welcome to a new edition of the Famous Interviews with Joe Dimino series. On this episode, we talk with Famous Interview with Joe Dimino Featuring  Independent Researcher  and author Carlos Alvarenga. Enjoy the interview .  (Nov 27, 2023)

On this episode we welcome Carlos Alvarenga. He is the author of a brand new book The Rules of Persuasion: How the World’s Greatest Communicators Convince, Inspire, Lead—and, Sometimes, Deceive

His new book not only explains exactly how persuasion works in all forms of human communication but also presents a clear and effective model you can use to put the chemistry of persuasion to work for you. (Nov. 21, 2023)

Understanding the Rules of Persuasion Webinar

Have you ever wondered what makes someone convincing or why some messages persuade when others do not? Have you ever struggled with how to create a persuasive message, story, or presentation? Do you want to understand how persuasion forms the basis for success in negotiation, selling, collaboration, and leadership? Have you ever wondered how evil leaders in politics, business, and society use persuasion to achieve corrupt ends? In this new webinar, Carlos A. Alvarenga, author of The Rules of Persuasion: How the World’s Greatest Communicators Convince, Inspire, Lead – and Sometimes, Deceive (Post Hill Press, 2023), explains exactly what persuasion is and how it works in an easy-to-digest format with examples from film, business, politics, literature, music, art, and today's headlines. 


Author and Communications Expert Carlos Alvarenga joins us to talk about the rules of persuasion. Persuasion is fundamental to most of our personal and professional lives. Specific to risk management professionals, it is more important than ever to persuade leaders of the positive effects risk management can have on an organization. But sometimes it may not be that easy to convince. Carlos offers up three key rules and specific actions we can take to improve our chances of success. (Sep 7, 2023)

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